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The eclectic mix of personal essays, poems and scholarly articles and the teachings of Guru Nanak that form this volume have come from contributors of not only the Sikh community in India, Pakistan and the diaspora, but also from people belonging to other faiths who have been touched by the mystique of the faith of Baba Nanak. By placing the personal records alongside with the scholarly insights into His teachings, what we have understood is that there is a Nanak for each one of us – a Nanak within each one of us – and it is this Nanak which abides in our consciousness and whom we need to seek out and discover. This book is, therefore, meant both for the initiated as well as the uninitiated. The lay readers will get a glimpse into the richness of thought and experience that an acquaintance with Guru Nanak brings with it. For the scholarly, the insights by the contributors who have dedicated their lives to an understanding of Sikhi will help in opening newer vistas of the Gurbani. The plurality of views expressed mirrors the free thinking and the respect for human beings and the upholding of human dignity that Nanakji propagated, practiced and stood for.

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