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the enigma of pakistani identity

Much before Pakistan came into being as a distinct geographical entity, it was an idea. On coming into being, this idea of Pakistan had to be translated into a concrete identity that united a people who, though brought together by religion, were divided by language and culture. The Enigma of Pakistani Identity discusses how this identity has been fleshed out. Brutally honest, incisive and not shying away from asking penetrating questions, this e-book is a carefully researched and crafted work by Haroon Khalid, one of Pakistan’s most promising new writers.

Haroon ferrets out the details even as he makes it evident that he deeply loves the land of his birth and residence. This short book provides refreshing insights and is a distinctive work that forces one to look at the whole process of nation-building in a radically new manner.

Photo Credit: Maryam Altaf, Rida Arif and Haroon Khalid

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